Jesus Twins


Since their impromptu appearance on The Tonight Show, The Jesus Twins have emerged as one of the most controversial underground acts in the world. Featured in publications like Billboard, The Los Angeles Times, Newsday and The New Yorker, along with television appearances on NBC, CBS, ABC and numerous appearances on The Howard Stern Show, The Jesus Twins have always taken a rather unorthodox march forward. Their two biggest hits to date are “Feel My Ubiquity” and “God Come Down Here” which have produced a loyal following in both the United States and abroad.

On August 5th 2008, Eric Lews Liebowitz, one half of the singing duo known as The Jesus Twins was shot to death by the Los Angeles Police Department while in the midst of a manic episode to due to his bi polar disorder. This closed the chapter on a long history of The Jesus Twins trying to achieve their life long dream of bringing their music to the world.

Since that time, much to the surprise of many, including surviving Jesus Twin Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz, The Jesus Twins audience continues to expand. Not only that, since his identical twin brother’s death, Jeff Jesus receives nightly dream messages from his twin brother urging him to CONTINUE on with The Jesus Twins and finish the mission.