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Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.” - Wayne Dyer


Thanks for your words

I enjoyed talking to you today. And I just wanted to say that I really cherish knowing you. I really have benefited from your compassion, your spirituality, your humor, your creativity…I guess I’m saying: your soul. You’ve been a precious touch-stone in my life, and although circumstances, geography, life experiences and background may separate us to a greater or lesser degree, I’ve always felt you back there somewhere in my head. I pray we never lose contact completely………

……and I miss Eric

……and Brian and the other pup whose name escapes me now.

Bless you, and I also wanted to say how proud I am of you and what you’ve built in your life in the recent years.

- Mark Celis

You are here to share your wisdom with others

Jeff- You are the TRUTH… you never cease to amaze me …for so long I have tried to figure out what it is you are doing here (among all of us still learning on earth) but I have finally figured it out. I believe you are here to share your wisdom with others. You truly are an enlightened old soul, and the world can benefit greatly from all that you have to offer. I mean all of this whole-heartedly. I don’t know what I did to be so blessed as to have you in my life but I thank God for it and for you. You are the one true thing I know I can believe in.


“I think the band is really soulful, they’re great live and the Twins’ got some really great moves.”
- Matt Pollack, Warner Bros.

So thankful for your being

my meaning in life is to find art and truth when i surround myself with men like you who encompass a certain profound perspective on life, i gain power, freedom, and energy which i can turn to healing and helping the world.

i am grateful to have the ability to share your
thoughts and visions and soul and humanity i thank god for allowing me to work in this life with your knowledge and my knowledge how beautiful the profound energy which is created in the presence of this dynamic is moving and real and i feel so happy that we are friends but more than that this world is lucky to have us in it because we can save humanity
and each other and i am so thankful for your being.

i am so grateful for you and feel blessed and full.

Haunting and Powerful

Haunting and powerful. Put me in tears. Had to get out and walk. Miss Eric and Christina. Forget how great your songs are and how great it was playing with you.

- Chris Sendrey






Very Soulful

“The band is great, very soulful. I like the musicianship and there’s something happening visually.”

- Steve Leeds
VP of Talent and Industry Affairs, Sirius Satellite Radio




Resurrection is a really good record. It’s like an intense conversation you have with someone. Resurrection reminds me of a more daring exploit of Nirvana. I see The Jesus Twins music even beyond that stuff.”

- Ron Polito, Zuma Matrix





Original, Innovators, Refreshing. These guys are awesome. The music speaks for itself. The sound is original, unique, and an instant classic.
- Oliver Black

The Jesus Twins make music that stands for something

“The Jesus Twins make music that stands for something, thank God. And they does it without sentimentality or naive optimism.”

- Bo Lozoff
Author of “We’re all Doing Time” & Director of Human Kindness Foundation




Great song, great cause

I never really thought a song like this could makes such a difference in people’s lives, but apparently it has. I know alot of people that support this cause and are truly grateful that the jesus twins put their talent to good use. Way to go guys!
- Stan McMurphy






It’s very hard for me to explain Jeff’s music to someone who hasn’t listened before because it’s not simply music. It’s more of an experience. These are not like regular songs, it’s more than that. It’s an emotional type thing. I’m very serious when I say it’s a BIG DEAL. By recording his CD “Karma”, Jeff has made my life so different. It has to be a part of me now. I always have to have some song of his playing in the background. There’s something about his voice. I have one of his CD’s in the car, another one in my bedroom. I used to sleep to his CD, now I sleep to his audiotapes. If he was to make it big, I really believe he would bring a new meaning to music and really change the music industry. I thought it was just me who felt this way until recently when I found out my best friend, Jenna, also feels the same way about Jeff’s music. It’s like a relief. Just knowing there’s someone else who understands how special this is. We both listen to him every night. It’s unexplainable how something can make us feel so strongly. I highly recommend this beautiful CD to everyone. – Angie Fontana


“Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz possesses a rare and infinitely powerful voice. He, at one listen, summons the spirits with profound lyrics and melodies, and restores a sense of demand and urgency to the singer/songwriter genre.”

- Courtney Jordan, Singer

Dear Zack,
What do you say to someone that suddenly…mystically appears in your world…then proverbially opens your eyes…so that for the first time…you can “connect the dots”…the steps you take in this walk of life…on the path that is your destiny? I don’t really know…but I hope my heartfelt thanks will suffice for now! Although it took me a long time…I’ve learned over the years that I must just “trust my gut”…for it is always correct…as it was about you this time…yet…you still managed to truly surprise me by the accuracy and the comprehensiveness of the messages you shared with me yesterday! Your “gift” is so powerful and compelling…that in the midst of our session…this random thought crossed my mind: “Does he sometimes see his gift as a curse???” I pray you never feel that way…for if our first meeting is any indication…you are destined to heal hearts…change minds…and influence lives!
- Ariel Enrique Wapnir

Celebrity Vocal Coach

“Love ‘em or hate ‘em, The Jesus Twins are two of the finest singers in the country.”

- Craig Derry, Vocal Coach to the Stars




This is a brilliant guy

Jeffrey Liebowitz’s music is unlike anything you’ve ever had the privledge of hearing before. Jeff’s songs are composed with a mix of brilliant lyrics and mesmerizing guitar. Unlike most current artists out there, Jeff’s songs have a message. Often times demanding that you look within and see the resounding resonance these songs have with our own lives. The messages are unique and utterly relevant. This is a brilliant guy, who will continually inspire those who listen to him.

- Lindsey Rosenthal


No One Can Do What Jeff Does

Of all the songs and all the artists out there, not one can do what Jeff does. There’s not one. I find myself listening to his song “More Love” thinking that this is a song from God and that Jeff didn’t write this, God did, like it’s straight from God’s mouth and you can hear the angel’s voices in the background.

I really love this CD, I listen to it every day. All of the lyrics are just awesome. The whole thing is real. The world can benefit greatly from all that he has to offer.

- Michaela Lemelin

To: The Jesus Twins
Date: Mar 7, 2009 7:26 AM

I met eric at a psychiatric ward in pasadena. He introduced himself as Zack Havoc and gave everyone in the ward free readings. I was struck first by his confidence, then struck by his accurate readings. I already believed in psychics before I met zack, but he definitely dissolved any doubts I had.

I knew he was misunderstood shortly after meeting him. I was astonished how others could overlook his open heart and pure intentions…astonished and appalled. I guess that’s what “normal” people are like…

Zack told me I was the reincarnation of Moses, and i believed him for a couple of years… It felt too real when he told me. Since then, I’ve let go of that belief but have always remembered your brother as one of the most genuine and honest people that I have had the pleasure to meet.

I don’t know why I googled his name tonight, but I am saddened to hear about his passing. He told me about a show he was going to do on abc…I was looking forward to seeing it.

I had no idea about the Jesus Twins, or that eric had a twin. I knew eric was a psychic in the same psychiatric ward as me, and we shared a special connection. Everyone was such a dick to him, and didn’t believe he truly had psychic intuition despite naming off names of random patients…I was amazed and had the critical thinking abilities to understand why others were doubtful. Fucking sheep can’t critically think.

It was a sad day for me in the psyche ward when i found out eric had to leave…I didn’t get to say bye, or thank you. Despite our brief encounter, your brothers influence has had a profound impact on my life. Just believing I was Moses (ok, its delusional and crazy, but so what!) opened me up to a reality I don’t believe I would have been able to experience without such grandiose seeds planted within me. Even if i’m not the reincarnation of Moses, your brother assuring me that I was was definitely the most life changing belief I’ve ever adopted. What a blessing…what a blessing eric was for me!

Oh, and other than planting that beautifully delusional idea in my head, eric also gave me another huge gift; The confidence to be myself. His being so comfortable, despite his controversy, with himself empowered me to appreciate myself in ways I had not yet explored…that was just as powerful to me as his accurate readings.

I’m not sure why I wrote this. I just want you to know the beautiful impact eric had on me, and reach out to someone who shares a lot with him. I’m soo sorry for your loss.

George Edmondson

Ok just wanted you to know that you are soooo hot. I
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has a body that can compare to yours. You are soo
intelligent I love how you are so smart and in
control. You are a real man. You have such talent,
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Extremely Talented

In addition to being a great writer and really good singer, Jeff’s such a beautiful guy with this big heart and this extraordinary mind and he’s smart and talented big time. He has the potential to do so much with his music. He can take it to extraordinary lengths. He could offer a lot to this world. He’s not only talented musically, he’s also outspoken and he can get out there with his beliefs. I’m serious this is a brilliant guy. He reminds me of a young John Lennon. He’s on his level. Listen to his stuff and buy it. I know it’s going to inspire you. You will love it. Everything about your self will come out. He is extremely talented. This is a man that will inspire people in a lot of ways and be a good force on this planet. – Jeanne Bauer